sexandpsychiatry asked:

Hey I'm getting crochet braids soon and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to wash/care for it? I'm going to use kanekalon hair and leave it out like straight and unbraided, love the blog btw! :)

Thanks and sorry it took a while to answer this!

well, when I had my crochet braids, I washed my hair by loosely cornrowing the extension hair directly on top of my base cornrows so that I can get to my scalp and washed that way. Since I had straight crochet braids (using X-pressions hair) I had the extra steps of blow drying and then flat ironing to deal with (unless I wanted a braid-out look).

at night, I’d just pull it in a low pony and sleep with a satin bonnet. If you’re doing curly hair, you can pull it into a ponytail at the top of your head and put your bonnet on.

For more in depth help and even some style suggestions, try following crochetbraidsaddict :D

jobbie-civanne asked:

Hello I actually have two questions. 1. I just recently ordered hair clip ins. I'm not used to them and didn't want to go all out and not like them so I got synthetic just incase, so it wouldn't be too much money down the drain. Was that wise?

2. I wanted an extra piece at the bottom for a slight ombre effect. I ordered 1b hair. What ombre color set do you think will look good as an under layer?

Hi! To answer your first question, I think that was wise—just in case you end up not liking them, you’re not at too much of a loss.

About which hair color to choose, well like I always say, Black girls can rock any color we want, but if you’re going to be wearing them to school or work, you might want to go for something a little more subtle (for work) or coordinated with your school colors (ex: if there’s a dress code—you can kinda talk your way out of getting in trouble since you’re “showing school spirit” lol)

But joking aside, think about what’s in your fall/winter wardrobe, what your fav color pallet is and how often you plan on wearing the clip-ins so that way you can get maximum wear out of them. Base your color choice on that and you should be good.


Black girls with natural hair get made fun of and black girls with fake hair get made fun of and black girls with no hair get made fun of so like what are black girls supposed to do but not give a fuck abt u